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Hiring an offshore software development center: some critical factors

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Most software development projects are either expensive or require some form of security. Therefore, before hiring an offshore software development center to handle your software design and development needs, you must ensure that the OSDC has all the requirements needed to deliver the product on-time and on budget.

You are likely to come across hundreds of OSDCs when looking for an OSDC to handle your project. Choosing the best partner for your project might prove to be difficult. So, how exactly do you select the right OSDC for your software project needs? Below are some factors worth considering:

Does the vendor have capacity to deliver on the project?

The primary reason why you are outsourcing your software development to an OSDC is because you are looking for an expert to handle the job. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the vendor’s core competency lies in software development outsourcing. Choose a vendor that is specialized in the core skill you need for your project.

Is the vendor sufficiently experienced?

You need to ensure that your preferred vendor has the requisite experience before assigning your task to the OSDC. When it comes to certain type of software, there are certain industry-specific standard and requirements that might need to be followed. Make sure that the vendor you choose for your project has previous experience in designing and developing products similar to the one you wish to outsource.

How much is the vendor charging for the project?

Before settling on a vendor, make sure that you have asked for quotation of the total cost for the project from different vendors. It is important to compare costs and settle for one who charges a reasonable amount and delivers exceptional results.

You need to discuss all the components making up the cost of the project to ensure that all present and future costs, one-time and recurrent costs are considered.

Is the vendor reputable?

The overall reputation of the vendor you plan to hire matters a lot. You need to ask around for referrals concerning the vendor in question. Pay attention to reviews given by the past clients served by the vendor. A reputable vendor will honor the agreement and deliver the project as agreed upon.

How is the vendors financial and operational stability?

Since most software development projects are mid to short-term ventures, it is therefore important that you ensure that the offshore software development center you wish to partner with for the project is stable financially and operationally. Don’t risk the long-term success of your business by hiring a vendor whose financial and operational stability is either questionable or uncertain.

Will the final ownership of the software transfer to you?

Depending on the nature of the agreement you have with the vendor, you can either co-own the final product or receive full ownership rights once the project is complete. Make sure that you understand the option or options offered by the offshore software development center.

Once you have carefully considered the factors listed above, you will then be able to settle on the best offshore software development vendor for your project.

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