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The PMI Pulse of the Procession annual report indicated that 43% of the projects exceed the original budget, 48% of them aren't finished at the given deadline, and 31% of projects fail to meet the company's goal. This is what the productivity of today's project management looks like. 

Forget the stats; if you have ever run a project, how many stumbled upon one of these inconveniences at least once? And how happy were you with the final results? 

Luckily, there is a solution. If you are leaning towards the advanced IT industry, Agile development process must be all over the place. 

It works by effectively making the most out of your team and helping you reach your goals in ways never possible before. So how can you master that? Here's a 2022 Agile Project Management complete guide that is the answer to all your swarming questions. 


What Is Agile?

Where usual tasks are carried out all at once, the iterative or agile life cycle goes the extra mile to create incremental steps for the competition of the projects. It is usually used in software development projects where speed, frequent adjustable and adaptability play a crucial part in ensuring you deliver the best quality project and service. 

Studies show that 71% of the organizations now depend on Agile approaches to perfect their craft and ensure their customers are satisfied at all times. Here, the teams enjoy the process and have a sense of belonging rather than only being happy at the end of the project. 

The Agile Manifesto aims to provide value through flexibility, trust, and collation to bring out the best in people and resources. 


Why Has Agile Project Management Become Popular?

If you are reading this, chances are, you've heard of Agile Project Management everywhere but never really wrapped your head around the initial concept and whether it deserves all the hype. Unlike traditional project management, Agile Project Management is armed with actionable principles. It has been known as a tried and tested methodology that eliminates any obstacle you may have during a project. Stats can always lie, and companies can claim anything but the truth is always present in the customers' reviews-and that's what this Agile Manifesto excels at. 

From prioritizing, upfront planning, and time to budgeting, it can fix any problem before you even get to launch the project. 


Agile Project Management In 2022

The world is going fast, and if you don't, get ready to get nudged off in a corner by the rising competition. As the online world becomes the dominant power over anything else, more and more businesses are opening each day. This means a new set of opportunities and innovation, but at the cost of challenges. 

Therefore, whether you run a small business or an enterprising one, AGM is the key you need to ace anything in 2022. Don't believe us; read these success stories yourself. 


4 Values of Agile Project Management

As we all know, AGM (Agile Project Management)  is based on four core values that help make it a stronger manifesto today, These four values are: 

Value 1: Individuals and interactions

People used to be centered around being uptight and only depending on tools to provide the best software by incorporating human touch into everything you do. 

Value 2: Working software

Instead of spending days or even weeks on writing documentation even before writing a single line of code, bring your focus to providing value by perfecting the software first. At the end of the day, this is really going to make a difference, not the documents.

Value 3: Customer collaboration

Without realizing it, we restrict ourselves with lots of opportunities and potential by only depending on contacts. Building something as important as software must be a continuous development where you constantly gain feedback and improve as you go.

Value 4: Responding to change

Recall the first roadmap you made for your business. How far are you in that process? Sure, key goals must be the same, but the strategies, vision, and procedures to get to that level must have evolved with time. That's the power of change. 

Therefore, Agile Project Management focuses on adapting to each change to be more flexible and responsive. 


12 Principles of Agile Project Management

If the frustrated founding fathers had to come up with single collusion to end all the problems, these 12 principles are the answers they have been looking for. 

#1 Secure customer through speedy & continuous delivery

This key principle sits at the top as this is your project. This is because your entire project relies on this specific key point to give you a competitive edge over the others. The best and easiest way to earn your customers loyal is to offer them something they've never imagined, and nothing is better than offering speedy and consistent growth with your delivery. 

This also has the potential to make significant changes after the feedback loop to improve it further. 

#2 Be open to changing requirements even late in development

Your utmost priority must be customer satisfaction, regardless of whatever it may cost; sure, it may not be in your best interests. Still, they can surely yield incredible results shortly. In traditional project management, you deprive yourself of giving the best piece by declining or charging extra for the late-stage changes. 

Whereas if you follow the AGM principles, it can make it easier to bear a lot and enjoy its benefits for the rest of your business life.

#3 Deliver value frequently

This means delivering working software frequently that can go from a few weeks to months to get a shorter timescale. Your focus should be on spending more time implementing it than planning the procedure and writing documents. 

#4 Break the silos of your project

Communication is your way of delivering exactly what your customers want. Different stakeholders and cross-functional teams can make efficient ways of communicating and working together daily throughout the project to get feedback, implement changes, and use diversity to widen your horizons.

#5 Build projects around motivated individuals

The productivity and pace can increase 10x if you focus on improving the motivation of your team. This doesn't happen by assigning them a project and expecting it to be of the highest quality. To bring out the best in your team, you need to give them the environment and support they need and trust them to complete the project. This will give a sense of belonging to the project and will yield better quality and faster deliveries.  

#6 The most effective way of communication is face-to-face

Two-way communication ensures to bridge the gap between quality service and customer requirements. Considering how collaborating around the world has made it easier to misunderstand and convey only surface-level information, AGM suggests the most efficient and effective method of getting your message across is to use a face-to-face conversation with your team.

#7 Working software is the primary measure of progress

Regarding the hours spent working on the project, the code lines you have written, and the issues you have solved, everything comes down to square one: whether your software is working and exactly how your client wants it to be. 

If not, you have failed the project. 

#8 Maintain a sustainable working pace

Personal development is directly connected to sustainable development. It is no surprise to be drenched in burnout while the customers are still waiting for the project. Therefore, maintaining a healthy work environment will help stay at a constant pace. 

#9 Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility

When you have immersed yourself in maintaining operational excellence, you break through any barriers that come your way and have relatively less trouble combating challenges. 

#10 Simplicity is essential

This means if your customers can simply get something, why complicate it. Indeed simplicity is the sign of excellence and only sticking to the essentials that add value to your product. Remember, the fillers will not only waste your quality time but deteriorate the quality of your software as well.

#11 Self-organizing teams generate the most value

A quote that perfectly describes this principle is "Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results." by George S. Patton. When you have to push your team forward, something that lacks in your leading style or your team will only compromise with the quality of service at the end. 

Therefore, keep in mind the best minds emerge from self-organizing teams and need to do everything you can to give your team the freedom to bring our innovation and creativity with each step. 

#12 Regularly reflect and adjust your way of work to boost effectiveness

Regardless of whatever your client may say, you always know deep down if you have given your best. This is where you bridge the difference between 99 to 100%. At regular intervals, do your best to reflect on your performance and look for further improvements to tune your work accordingly. 

By doing this, you will tackle any problem before they start controlling your future. 


Agile Frameworks

An agile framework is an umbrella where you carry out a single project in discrete sections to offer specific attention to each one. It's a software development approach where organizations modify the frameworks to fit their own agile process. 

The most popular Agile frameworks include Scrum, Crystal, Dynamic Systems Development Method, and Feature-Driven Development.

Luckily, you have just the right option to avail all that with a single service. Saigon Technology Solutions is the leading Vietnam-based Agile software outsourcing company with eight years of experience with 200 talented software engineers to offer the most cost-effective AGM solutions for your business conders. This includes logistics, e-business, media, healthcare, e-finance, transportation, and other industries to make your vision a reality. 



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