Advantages and Disadvantages of Custom Software


Companies can search for the most appropriate business applications in order to increase their efficiency and productivity. Custom software development or cost off-the-shelf (COTS) packaged solution? The 2 options just now have appeared and confused you, hindering you on the path to realizing the idea into a real application.

If COTS packaged solution is suitable for small-scale requirements. Third-party developers are not always smooth and easy; of course, during the course of the project, many problems will arise. The following factors are noticeable advantages and disadvantages in handling ordered custom software development. 

Top 5 Advantages


It may simply include scalability. This ensures that the software meets your organization's evolving demands. The characteristics of the off-shelf application on the other hand stay more or less constant and cannot be easily changed.

You will have to wait for some other business with off-shelf software to improve its characteristics in order to make things simpler. This is not true with bespoke software, but a team may take care of your demands and improve your features at any moment.


Your company may have numerous more tools to use. You may wish to communicate with each other with all tools and may have to develop interfaces that make data transmission easier.

In a stand-alone tool, such features are exceedingly hard to achieve. However, this compatibility may be integrated into personalized software. Off-the-shelf software may offer some possibilities, but this may not be too smooth for you to combine with any other program.

Investment Return

Special software development may at first appear like a costly alternative as a lot of money is needed in the development of software but it may generate greater profits in the long term. However, software packages that are quickly constructed include some costs.

Sometimes you might require additional hardware and high-end servers for efficient running (sometimes even with version upgrades). Annual licensing fees are the additional costs you have to pay every year. It might be quite expensive at the start of the investment, but costs are nearly nothing in the long term – if it’s worth the value.

Security Assured

One of the advantages of custom-created software is that safety may be included in the program according to your company. Cyberattacks are keen to uncover methods to infiltrate your systems via weak sections of such products. COTS is a popular commercial off-shelf program. Chances of infiltration are significantly decreased by bespoke software since you use your own tool that your team uses mostly.


If your firm grows or spreads to new market sectors, you cannot cope with the off-the-shelf solution – and you have little or no information about how the system develops over time. Specific software along with your company can develop and expand. Make IT Simple gives product support throughout your life to assist you to modify the application when needed.


Other 2 Disadvantages


It is at the largest disadvantage at the expense. Although the initial expenditure may pay in the long term, for certain organizations it may be quite daunting. Before using bespoke software, you need to have a solid ROI. The product is more costly than the off-shelf choices, as with every bespoke product. However, the higher productivity you and your employees may discover with bespoke software can rapidly compensate for those expenditures.


It may take time and skill to define your software needs and to determine how you can best satisfy these requirements by developing bespoke software. This may take some time before you can implement your plans for the final result.

Since you design software from scratch, you have to wait for your developers to produce it. And because it fits your business well, it's still worth waiting (in our opinion).

Prerequisite Points

A little bit about COTS, whilst COTS software is frequently a tempting option for business owners for its inexpensive initial investment, hidden expenses can create unpleasant surprises if the solution does not match your organization well. Consider the demands of your organization, from the standpoint of business processes and not simply operations, when selecting which solution would help your company expand and increase efficiency.

Whereas, customized software may be a sustainable option provided you select the appropriate sort of person to offer you custom-built, easy-to-use and maintain adaptable solutions. On the other hand, a ready-to-construct solution saves your initial cost and time. It can be said that this option would cover your job, the size of your company, your future development goals, and, of course, the most crucial financial viability.

It should be noticed immediately that most deficiencies in support of external programmers are the consequence of incomprehension between customers and performers. There are hardly any real justifications for refusing assistance from third-party companies. Structures whose work requires workers' acceptance of classified material are obliged to produce customized programming with the only exceptions to the norm. In this situation, all the jobs should be entrusted to full-time professionals.

It will be a suitable choice for you, when:

  • You use extremely sensitive data, and safety is an issue.
  • You need to be interoperable with other systems, and adaptable to incorporate any necessary and easy-to-use updates.
  • You need very specialized software which is suitable for your company's requirements, and off-shelf software can provide a competitive edge and cannot meet the bill.
  • By automating repetitive operations and efficiency you will enhance your efficiency substantially and decrease costs in the future.

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