A Detailed Guide to Software Support Outsourcing

A Detailed Guide to Software Support Outsourcing

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Technological advancement and digitization have made the world a much smaller place. The internet has allowed people at various locations of the globe to come together and meet up at one common space, i.e. online. In order to keep in tandem with the continually changing needs and wants of the consumers, businesses also require migrating to this shared space.

It goes without saying that all businesses aim at providing the best services and products to their customers. Just offering a fancy website with some services and products listed, would not help. To retain your customers and keep them coming back, you need to offer them reliable and continuous technical software. If the customer support software system of your online store or business website breaks down, multiple facets of your company would be compromised. This can, in turn, have a wrong impression on your customers and pull down your sales.

Rendering 24/7 software support may not be possible for every business, especially if you are just a startup. You may feel that your company capital and time do not just permit you for this job. In such a scenario, software support outsourcing may seem to be a good friend. However, is it actually a rescue? To determine this, you need to understand outsourcing software support in detail. 


  1. Advantages of Outsourcing Software Support
  2. Disadvantages of Outsourcing Software Support
  3. Things to Consider when Outsourcing Software Support
  4. The Final Thought


Advantages of Outsourcing Software Support

Work with the Experts

One of the significant benefits of outsourcing software support is to get highly trained and experienced professionals for handling all the technical support requirements of your company. This can come as an even more significant advantage for the enterprises, which do not belong to a technical background. The experts will understand your purpose and offer you complete technical support for your customers without you having to get into the domain and waste your valuable time.

Access Better Technology

It is a matter of fact that the software support outsourcing agencies have better and more advanced technologies and tools than those of the businesses, which do not work with technical support as their core service. Hence, by outsourcing your business software support projects, you can get quick response rates, implementation of the correct approach, quality resolution of issues, and satisfied customers and business growth. 

Control Company Cost

Hiring software support executives and building an excellent in-house support team may require an enterprise to invest in agents. Furthermore, training the hired employees and purchasing the required tools for them to work with can be an added expense as well. On the other hand, outsourcing software support would not require you to arrange equipment or extra space for your staff, thereby lowering your overall company cost. This way, you would require paying for a software support package, which meets your business requirements.

As per various studies and surveys, when companies outsource their software support projects, they tend to save near about 80 percent of the overall expense compared to hiring in-house technical support executives.

Get High-Quality Service

When you outsource your software support project to a reliable outsourcing agency, you may likely think that the outsourcing partner is experienced enough to deliver superior quality service that meets your expectations and solves your purpose. An upgrade in the quality of your deliveries would, in turn, help in improving customer satisfaction, thereby generating more revenue.

Experience Scalability

Growth happens to be a specific parameter in business, which brings a requirement for hiring more employees to handle the growing call volumes coupled with other factors. Outsourcing agencies feature scalability, offering support for business expansion and growth.


Disadvantages of Outsourcing Software Support

Chances of Making a Wrong Choice

There are numerous software support outsourcing agencies in the market. Hence there are huge number of risks involved in IT outsourcing; you may end up choosing the wrong outsourcing partner for your software support project. If your support outsourcing partner does not succeed in catering to your company requirements efficiently and meeting your expectations, you may experience issues in the quality. Moreover, if you end up outsourcing your technical support project to an inexperienced service provider, you may face an unpleasant situation and a waste of time and money.

So, to get the full benefits of outsourcing software support, you need to choose a credible and reliable outsourcing agency.

Lack of Control

It is a matter of fact that if you outsource your software support project to an outside team, you would not be able to monitor the work regularly. Moreover, if your support outsourcing partner is based overseas, then you may experience a difference in time zones and language, which may create a barrier in the communication process of both parties.


Things to Consider when Outsourcing Software Support

Operational Governance and Control

While some businesses are very content in handing over the control of their non-core functions like software support to an outsourcing partner, others feel that outsourcing results in loss of operational control.

Analyze the amount of control that you wish to have over your software support projects and build a wireframe with your support outsourcing agency. This makes sure that an obvious understanding exists between you and your outsourcing partner in terms of operational governance and control.

Collaboration and Communication

Collaboration and communication can become a challenge if you outsource your software support project to a different company. Communication barriers in regards to language, time, background, and culture can exist if your outsourcing agency is located in a foreign land.

However, these issues can be addressed with a little bit of effort. Most of the outsourcing agencies train their executives in multiple languages for overcoming communication challenges. You can also put down all the terms and conditions and contracts in writing. Taking minutes of meetings when they are held is also quite helpful. 

Security and Confidentiality

When you look for a reliable software outsourcing team that can handle your project efficiently, you need to give your support, outsourcing partner access to your business data and information. Analyze the amount and types of sensitive data you require sharing with your support outsourcing partner. Furthermore, check what all steps the outsourcing agency would take for ensuring the security and confidentiality of the customer data, information, and systems of your company.


The Final Thought

Companies cannot be as productive and efficient as they aim at being if they decide on doing everything internally. The concept of outsourcing is gaining ground, owing to the benefits it offers to businesses.

When outsourcing software support, it is crucial to analyze your long-term and short-term objectives and build a wireframe for ensuring that both parties possess clear and rational expectations from one another. 

By outsourcing software support, you can concentrate on offering the best services and products to your customers and achieve a competitive advantage. Moreover, you can use this capital in generating more revenue and growing your business as you would be investing less amount in this particular job of your enterprise. So, it is an entirely justified decision to outsource your software support projects to the experts.

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